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On a Floating World is focused on the coastline and waterways surrounding Newcastle, stretching from Lake Macquarie to Port Stephens and around the Hunter Valley.

While the project borders are somewhat mutable, they are primarily defined by the following landmarks: Fingal Bay Lighthouse to the north, Nobby’s Lighthouse to the east, Walka Water Works to the west, and Catherine Hill Bay Jetty to the south.

Fingal Bay Lighthouse.
Nobbys Lighthouse
Walka Water Works
Catherine Hill Bay Jetty

Aside from being a fascinating region in itself, with a rich maritime history, it provides a microcosm for understanding water-related human activity. There is almost every type of marine ecosystem to be found here — including the largest coastal dunes in the Southern Hemisphere and Australia’s largest coastal saltwater lake — and a wide-ranging spectrum of cultures and industries that have emerged from them. On a Floating World offers a global perspective through a local focus.

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Heath Killen

By Heath Killen

Heath Killen is the founder and editor of On A Floating World. Born and raised in Newcastle, he is passionate about the coastline and waterways surrounding his home. Elsewhere he helps people develop brands, campaigns, and projects based on their passions.